The new division the rookie ep

Culture in New Jersey is a experience that you can enjoy year-round. Enjoy strolling through one of the amazing museums...

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  • Art & Culture in New Jersey
  • Summer Vacation in New Jersey Plan your summer vacation in New Jersey and take in all that it is has to offer, amazing dining, outdoors, beaches and...
  • Plan Your Summer Vacation to New Jersey Take time this summer and plan your trip to New Jersey. Enjoy the amazing outdoors, boardwalks and beaches!

    NEW ORDER presented their new album 'Music Complete' in Hamburg (Germany) at the 10th annual Reeperbahn Festival. The band was interviewed by long time collaborator Arthur Baker.

    You can watch the full interview here:


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    Randolph High School has started a girl's high school hockey team!  The impetus behind this team was spearheaded by current Colonials: Carly Snarksi, Morgan Yurchuk and Mackenzie Vorel!   Read article here.   (Article from "Tap into Randolph)

    The New Division The Rookie EPThe New Division The Rookie EPThe New Division The Rookie EPThe New Division The Rookie EP